William B. Umstead : Raleigh NC: Owen and Colleen Engagement

"Falling into a pile of hot dogs"  I'm pretty sure that is the most unique response  I've ever recieved for how did you two meet.  Adorable and sweet as Colleen and Owen are their story is equally so.

On a trip with a group in a back of a truck, Owen and Colleen sat unaware of their story just to start.  One bump and Owen fell into the hotdogs for the group's cookout.  They started hanging out as friends and then became more.  Both not from here but transferred in for work.  His work at a call center and her work with NC State keep them busy but they have a lovely dog and a world in front of them.  

Umstead was one of the first places they visited when they moved here and fell in love with the arces of beauty it has to offer and so when it came time to pick the location for their pictures there was no doubt of where it should be and what a great spot they picked!

Thank you again for allowing me the honor of being a part of your amazing process!

Live, Love, Loud

Rachel AbiUmstead Park