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Where do I start?  I'm silly, extroverted and love being a photographer...

Thank you for considering me for your wedding day.  Honestly who I am may seem silly to know but it really isn't.  There aren't many people you will spend more time with on this very special day... you kind of need to not hate me.  I'm personally aiming for you and I being friends... but not hate, it's a good place to start.

I'm loads of things but silly, playful and love to laugh.  I have never met a stranger.  Curse of a being the youngest of a large family!  I find no greater joy then helping someone find joy in their life.  I want to make your life better, whether you are my cashier or my client.  It makes my poor introverted husband a bit crazy at times but we balance each other... or that's what people try and tell you ;)

My mainstay in my work: my customers.  I want you to be happy.  I want you to have a wonderful and stress free wedding day.  I want you to be able to enjoy your day and take joy in reliving those memories while looking over the photos I capture for you.

Silly facts about me...

  • My AMAZING husband, Chris, is my best friend
  •  I fully believe dessert is a main course and should be enjoyed as such... just grab a vitamin afterward, it's the same right? 
  • Dancing should never be limited to special occasions
  • Everyday I wake up wishing to try something new
  • I come from a big LOUD family
  • I am idiot savant at Dr. Mario
  • If I owned a pool I would have grown gills by now
  • I love God, though I don't always understand
  • In 2014 my Luna was born and my world became AMAZING


  • If I could write with the wit of Jane Austen I would require all my birthdays be scripted

  • Life is too short to sweat the small stuff

  • Epicly tradgic: My favorite college professor dubbed me the queen of the Comma Splice... and I had to look it up
  • I love to travel: No matter where I am, where I travel or live it feels like home
  • I have always wanted a perm but have never had the nerve to get one... or a hair dresser who would let me.
  • When I was a child I believed I could actually be Shirley Temple... just to make this clear: not like her, but actually her
  • I sing Christmas music all year long
  • Above all else LOVE

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